Complete Unit Plans for Teaching Secondary English

"Finally - A Complete Unit Plan that Makes Teaching Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli Ridiculously Easy and Stress-Free!"

Dear Teacher

I'm sure you've had a look around on the net for resources to help you plan your unit or lessons on Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, and I'm sure you've found that there are literally hundreds of lessons to comb over and choose from.  And really, that's the problem isn't it.

The vast majority of these lesson plans are terrible.  Many are simply a waste of class time.  Others are poorly written, confusing, convoluted.

If you're as busy as I am, and as most teachers are, you don't have time to sift through hundreds of lessons looking for the good ones.  It would take hours to put several together to create any kind of complete unit, and such a unit wouldn't flow correctly.  It wouldn't be a cohesive, consistent unit plan.

And this is why you are here.  You have found what you are looking for: a clear, complete, professional, step-by-step, stress-free unit plan that includes everything you need to teach Stargirl.

With The Complete Unit Plan for Stargirl, all you have to do is show up in class and deliver the goods. You get everything you need to teach a full unit on Stargirl including...

  • instructions and explanations
  • amazing worksheets and templates
  • comprehension questions
  • discussion questions
  • vocabulary exercises
  • projects
  • games
  • and much more!

That means all the work is done for you.  A tiny investment on a complete unit plan will mean...

  • More free time!
  • Less stress!
  • No more late nights!
  • No boring prep work!
  • Compelling curriculum!
  • and complete confidence!

Just scroll down to read more and get instant access!

Take the Stress Out of Teaching

When I first began teaching, I insisted on doing everything myself.  I wanted to show my colleagues in the English department that I could come up with exceptional lesson plans all on my own.  And often I did, but it meant staying up until 1 or 2am every night researching and planning.

I'm sure you've experienced what I'm talking about.  When one of my colleagues, a very talented teacher with decades of experience, realized what I was doing, he pulled me aside to have a word.  He asked me, "How much time do you spend planning a lesson?"

I thought about it for a moment and answered that it usually took me about an hour, sometimes more, to plan a good lesson.

He then asked me, "How long are these lessons?"  He knew the answer, but he was making a point.  At our school, periods lasted 80 minutes.  We used 15 minutes of every class for silent reading, and 5 minutes were spent getting settled in at the beginning of class and getting prepared to leave at the end.  As I crunched these numbers it struck me...

I was spending as much time planning as I was teaching!

Each day I was delivering approximately four hours of instruction, and each night I was spending approximately four hours planning.  And then there was the marking on top of that.

My esteemed colleague helped me see the imbalance in my practice.  It was insane to go on spending as much time planning as teaching.  Quite honestly, teachers don't get paid enough to put in double days.  I knew that if I kept going the way I was, I would soon burn out.

Don't Work Double Time

So what to do?  How could I solve this problem?  I didn't want to just show up for work unprepared and have to frantically wing it.  And I didn't want to give boring or pointless lessons. 

I wanted to give my students the best scholastic experience I could without over-extending myself.

The answer was that I had to realize there was no need for me to constantly reinvent the wheel.  Thousands of teachers had taught the same texts I was working with.  Why not benefit from their experience?  Why not take the very best of their stuff, tweak it to fit my style and personality, and make my own units that I could then reuse year after year.

I had to make an initial investment - good teaching resources aren't often free - but the potential ROI (return on investment) was tremendous.  I would use this stuff for the rest of my career, so why not spend a little money at the beginning.

Get Incredible Return on Investment

A few bucks is sure worth it for something that is going to make my life considerably easier and less stressful.

So I spent some time and money and put together incredible unit plans using resources and ideas from some of the best educators in the world.  I put each unit plan in its own binder, put each binder in my classroom cupboard, and PRESTO!!!!  my stress level decreased dramatically.

No more staying up all night trying to devise a new, creative, effective lesson.  I had everything already prepared and organized.  All I had to do was go to school and enjoy teaching.

Now I want to help other teachers who might find themselves in a position similar to the one I found myself in early on in my career. 

You can make a tiny investment, and instantly take the stress out of your lesson planning.  The best part is you only have to make the investment once, and it keeps paying dividends for the rest of your career.

It Doesn't Get Any Easier



Check out what you get with the Complete Unit Plan for Stargirl:

  • Step-by-Step Lesson Plans
  • Reproducible Worksheets
  • Discussion Questions
  • Answer Keys
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Dozens of Quality Worksheets
  • Creative, Thoughtful Assignments
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • Vocabulary Exercises
  • Scaffolding Tasks to Build Student Skills
  • Great Projects
  • Language Learning Activities
  • Text Analysis
  • and much more!

The Complete Unit Plan for Stargirl will give you...

  • Stress-free evenings
  • Hours of leisure time
  • Confidence in the classroom
  • A top-quality curriculum
  • A reason to be proud of your practice
  • Access to the ideas of exceptional educators
  • Something to share with your colleagues
  • A plan you can use year after year

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This special bonus package comes with a dozen astounding survival stories that will have your students riveted.  Each story comes with a complete set of questions.  This is hours of instruction time taken care of for you.

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This valuable bonus is a collection of teaching resources for English teachers.  This collection can be drawn from at will and can really come in handy.

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  • Handouts!
  • Poetry Lessons!
  • Terms!
  • Assignments!
  • Essay Outliner!
  • etc.

$20 Value!

Extra $40 Value for Free!

Stargirl can be the best unit you ever teach.  If you have the right plan and use the right approach, your students will engage with text and you will all enjoy the experience.

With the lessons and assignments I've developed, the novel comes alive for the class.  Your students will get so engrossed in the story, you won't have to worry about getting or keeping their attention.

So, if you need a great lesson plan for tomorrow morning, next week, or next month, and want The Complete Unit Plan for Stargirl right now, or if you're getting prepped for next semester early, or if you're just looking to add some excellent resources to your collection, simply click on one of the order buttons to get full instant access.

No More Prep Work

Read below to see what other educators are saying about Complete Unit Plans from EnglishUnitPlans.com:

Hi Susan,

I'd like to say thank you for this awesome unit!! 

I'm a first year teacher and it's been a little overwhelming trying to adequately teach this play.

Thank you,

Dana Lynch
English Teacher
Chesapeake Public Schools (Virginia)

Ms. Anderson

I purchased your Romeo and Juliet Unit Plan today.  Thank you so much!  I love the play but was dreading teaching it.


Mrs. Paula R. Van Winkle
English Teacher
Brunswick High School

I ordered and downloaded the unit. Excellent! :-)

Eva Oleska

Thanks for putting all your work out there for others to use! I appreciate it!

-Kimberly Muma

Dear Susan

I'm working with your fantastic lesson plans and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Thanks a lot for your great work.  It's been extremely useful.

Best regards,


Thanks Susan.  I have passed on the word to many of my ELA teachers so that they can make use of such remarkable resources.  Again, thank you.

Classie Wilson, Teacher
Sam Jamison Middle School

Thank you.  I am enjoying going through all the ideas you have created for Night.

Thank you.

Karen Saunders

Hi Susan,

I just wanted to say that I love your unit plans and as a semi-first year teacher (I'm a long-term substitute), they've been a real life and time saver!

Again, these are all awesome.  I don't think I can thank you enough for doing what you do!

- Andrea

Hi Susan.  Thank you for the wonderful unit plan on Black Boy.  I'm excited about it, which will make all the difference for my students.

Sarita Maolud


Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I've just started to study the text with my class and this is really helpful material.

Many thanks.

Iain Maclean

Dear Susan,

I fully intend to use your other unit plans based on the success that I have/am having with Night.

I teach in NY City in the Bronx in a very tough school and the way you set up the plan is keeping the attention of a very difficult crowd.  If the success that I am having with Night crosses over into the other plans you provided you will have made me a very happy teacher.  

The plans made my Vice Principal very happy.  We are working with a population that is primarily Hispanic, poor, and underserved in so many ways.  When we find something that works well with my students is worth it's weight in gold.  I actually have one student that is cutting his other English class and sitting in on my class because he wants to participate.   My administration is transferring him and I let them know what the student was doing but it made me (more importantly) feel good that the youngster wanted to be there but look good as well.  I have actually had several students try to gain access to my class to participate.  This is a good thing.

Much thanks and appreciation.


Mike Vacchio

Lynbrook, New York


I got your lesson plans and they are wonderful.

So helpful.  Thank you very much.

Susan Krill

I am very impressed with your unit on Romeo and Juliet. I haven't taught it in 34 years, so just wanted to save some time in getting ready.

Steve Lalonde

Thank you so much for such a complete unit.  The price is reasonable and every part of the unit was usable.

I was able to enjoy the book with my students.  The unit made The Hunger Games  understandable with meaning.

I look forward to more units for newer young adult literature.

Thanks so much!

Liz Motter
Hug High School
Special Education – English

Great unit plan Susan.  You really know your stuff.  I’m not a slacker, but I’ve never been accused of working too hard.  Your unit plan let me look like a superstar and all I had to do was show up.  You really put together a great package and I look forward to getting some additional stuff from you in the near future.

Thanks Susan.

Scott Killin

Your plans are really brilliant!  Congratulations and thanks again.

D. Meier

Dear Susan,

Thanks a lot for your great lesson plans.  I purchased your "Complete Unit Plans for Teacher Secondary English" and have to admit that my expectations have been successfully fulfilled.

 I'm currently using the unit plans for "The Catcher in the Rye."


Hello Susan,

I am a 10th grade teacher in MA who ordered your unit plans to teach The Crucible.  They are innovative and working well with my students.  I need them for an underperforming class.

Your plans make teaching these students easier and their comprehension levels have risen for these more intense texts.

Thank you!

Kimberly McDowell
English Language Arts
Putnam Technical Vocational High School



I should tell you that I provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you aren't absolutely thrilled with The Complete Unit Plan for Stargirl, I will give you your money back.

No questions or hassles - just 100% of your money back!

If you have any questions about The Complete Unit Plan for Stargirl, or if you have feedback you want to share, please email me at susananderson@englishunitplans.com

I would be happy to help in any way I can.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my website.


Susan Anderson

P.S. This really is a tiny investment with huge rewards.  It will be the best fourteen dollars you ever spend.

P.P.S. Remember not to stress out too much.  Teaching should be fun and rewarding.  Having a good plan can make all the difference.

P.P.P.S.   And remember, if you aren't completely satisfied, you get an instant 100% refund - no questions asked.  What are you waiting for?

Get the right unit plan and you will truly enjoy teaching Stargirl.

What Teachers Are Saying...

"Your unit plan is amazingly thorough and complete.  I didn't have to do any prep work for the entire month."

Diane Hilton
Seattle, WA

"Your plans are really brilliant!  Congratulations and thanks again."

D. Meire

"Really easy to follow.  Everything is laid out step-by-step and all the additional materials are provided.  It's a great unit plan."

Jeremy McCann
Cherry Hill, NJ

"I am very impressed with your unit on Romeo and Juliet. I haven't taught it in 34 years, so just wanted to save some time in getting ready."

Steve Lalonde

"I got your lesson plans and they are wonderful.  So helpful.  Thank you very much."

Susan Krill

"Purchased packages for all units.  Thank you for all of this information.  It sure makes it easier for many of us new teachers that aer trying to find our feet:)"


"Thanks very much.  Your program is quite good."

Glenna Voegle

"Dear Susan, I can't begin to tell you how much those plans have helped me in my teaching."

Don Strother
Perry, Ohio

"Great resource Susan.  Thanks."

Adrian Obee
Courtenay, BC

"Not only is your unit plan easy to follow, it's a lot of fun!  The kids loved the secret message activity, and that was just the first day.  This unit made my term."

Jan Blake
Modesto, CA

"I'm a student teacher and your unit plan was a true god-send.  My mentor teacher was blown away by how prepared I was for class.   When I showed her the unit plan she jumped online and bought it as well."

Dan Erickson
Portland, OR

"Teachers should take all the help they can get.  It's about giving the students the best possible instruction.  I'd recommend your unit plans for any teacher.

Kevin Funk
Trenton, NJ

"Teachers need to understand that this isn't a bunch of lessons thrown together; this is a complete, step-by-step unit.  You get all your lesson plans for a month made for you."

Margot Stenson
Hartford, CT
"Thanks for putting all your work out there for others to use.  I appreciate it."

Kimberly Muma

"I ordered and downloaded the unit.  Excellent! :-)"

Eva Oleska